We'll Eliminate Your Bed Bug Infestation!

WE provide what no other Bed Bug Remediation company in your area can, an independent unbiased inspection with up to 97% accuracy on the scent of live bed bugs and viable bedbug eggs.

Our only interest is helping and assisting you to solve your bedbug problem.

We provide quality service and make sure your home or business is bed bug free.

Treatment Time May Vary Depending On Job Requirements.

We understand that having bed bugs in your home is one of the most unsettling problems someone can have. From our experience, most homeowners that have bed bugs DO NOT have severe infestations, rather normal situations.

By quickly identifying the infected rooms, we can discuss the findings with you and then discuss the next step to eliminating your current bedbug problem. We can provide you with the perfect method of remedial services to fit your budget. We assess the situation, locate the bugs and give you the service you need.

Don't hesitate to use one of the leading bed bug detection and remediation companies in New Jersey. We service New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania and Maryland.

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