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We’re here to help you rest easy again after suffering from bed bugs in your home. Rest Easy Heat is the number one bed bug exterminator in Mantoloking, NJ. We are experts at bed bug heat treatment technology and the practices that make the difference between long term relief from bed bugs and continued frustration.
Rest Easy Heat employs a comprehensive set of tools and solutions, including heat treatment, biological, and chemical to remove bed bugs from your home. We tailor the prescribed set of treatment solutions to fit your needs and budget. 

Mantoloking, NJ

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Mantoloking, NJ
#1 Bed Bug Exterminator

New Jersey

You don’t have to sleep another night with Bed Bugs. RestEasy has the Solution.

Don’t Throw Out Your Furniture, Spray Chemicals, or Panic! We can save your mattress and all your furniture.

RestEasy Heat provides the Mantoloking, NJ Effective & Affordable bed bug extermination and treatment services for our residential and commercial customers using advanced technology.

Why Choose RestEasy Heat's Bed Bug & Pest Control?

All Bed Bug Treatment Solutions, Treatments & Companies are not Created Equal.

Rest Easy Heat is the Mantoloking’s best bed bug elimination service, and we’d love to help you keep your family & home safe.

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1-Year Warranty

We are New Jersey's Bed Bug Authority, and we stand behind our work. You can sleep easy at night knowing you are covered from day 1 and beyond.

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1Day Heat Treatment

Heat treatment kills adults, juveniles and the eggs during our 1-day treatment process. You don't have to sleep another night with bed bugs.

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The experts at Rest Easy Heat offer a combination of heat, biological, and chemical to tailor the treatment solution to your specific needs and requirements.

Comprehensive Bed Bug Treatment Options

Mantoloking, NJ

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Whole House

We use portable indirect fired forced air heaters. We also offer electric heaters for high rise apartments, condos, hotel & some multi-unit commercial applications. These eco-friendly devices elevate the ambient temperature to a level that is lethal for bed bugs. Heat treatments eliminate the requirement to use toxic pesticides inside your home and the potential for lingering chemical residue. Our professionally trained technicians can safely eliminate the bed bugs in one treatment without damaging your home.

Affordable Aprehend®

Aprehend® is composed of natural fungal spores applied in a proprietary formulation. Aprehend® is sprayed strategically where bed bugs are known to walk; direct spray contact is not necessary. Bed bugs of all life stages, sex or feeding status are killed within four to ten days following short-term contact with a treated surface. The fungal spores germinate within 20 hours of contact, resulting in bed bug death. 

Why Choose Heat Treatment?

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1-Day Bed Bugs Gone

Heat treatment kills adults, juveniles and the eggs during our 1-day treatment process. You don't have to sleep another night with bed bugs.

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Save all your furniture

Don't throw out your mattress or any furniture. Heat will kill the all the bugs inside and out. Thermal Solutions will get them all!

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Eco Friendly

Heat uses heat and FAR less if any chemical residual. That is better for the environment and your environment.

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Up to a 1-year Warranty

RestEasy Heat stands behind our work. You can sleep easy at night knowing you are covered from day 1 and beyond.

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Kills Adults, Nymphs & Eggs

Bed Bugs can't hide! Heat treatment kills adults, juveniles and the eggs. You don't have to sleep another night with bed bugs.

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100% Family & Pet Safe

We have integrated some of the most advanced bedbug control technologies currently available to eliminate bed bugs safely and reliably.

How Our Process Works?

Easy As 1, 2, 3!​


Step #1
Free Quote

When you believe you may have bed bugs, give us a call. We will help you diagnose the problem. Our bed bug quotes are absolutely free, and can many times be done over the phone to save you time.


Step #2

We’ll discuss the available treatment options, the costs of each solution, and which one we recommend for your property. Once we decide on a solution, we will then schedule an appointment for treatment.


Step #3

We will arrive at your home or property on time and on schedule. If you have selected a heat treatment the bed bugs will be gone and you will be home in your own bed that night.

Call RestEasy Heat for your free Consultation Today!

Proudly Serving the North East

Rest Easy Heat services New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania and Maryland.

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The Rest Easy Heat Guarantee

We are so confident that our heat treatment is the most effective option, we include a guarantee! Should you experience bed bugs after our treatment, we will come back and treat again at no additional cost.

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Common Areas We Service

Typical treatment is only 7-10 hours, at which time you may occupy the dwelling again, without fear of chemical residual.



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