Top 3 Winter Pests in New Jersey

New Jersey’s winter season runs from December to February, with Northwest New Jersey in the coldest conditions. During this time, temperatures at night drop as low as -17.8 degrees Celsius, accompanied by heavy snowfall. 

Winter Pests that Cause You Headache

With a coldness this severe, is it possible for pests to survive outside? Of course not, but this does not mean that problems disappear or perish for good. The winter months are the perfect time for these bothersome pests to infiltrate our households where they can find the essentials for their subsistence—shelter, humidity, and, most importantly, food.

In New Jersey, the most common pests that cause headaches among homeowners are the following:


Disgusting as they are, roaches infest people’s homes year-round, especially during the cold weather. They appear in places where there is excessive moisture. You have all the more reason to get rid of cockroaches during winter, for these gross pests usually dwell around damp pipes or near appliances where humidity is high. Roaches get attracted to areas where food debris could be present. That is why homeowners have been advised to be more vigilant when storing food in airtight containers and sealing cracks or gaps that allow entry for these pests. Moreover, homeowners must properly dispose of their trash during winter and ensure that trash bins are tightly sealed. Roaches are not only dirty food contaminators but also top germs carriers, making their existence a true health hazard.


Mice and rat infestation are expected throughout New Jersey during wintertime as rodents cannot stand long outside in the cold. So, they invade residential buildings in search of warmth and food. Rodents are a nuisance like roaches since they spread harmful bacteria and diseases. Apart from that, these destructive pests cause damage to your house structure, utility lines, and other belongings. If you don’t eliminate these pests, they will turn your home into a dirty and foul-smelling habitat because of their urine and droppings. It is easy to detect rodent problems inside your home by watching for these signs: gnaw marks, stench, droppings, scratching noises, mouse tracks, and nests.


These animals are not easy to find because they seek refuge in areas that people do not often visit. Among their common hideouts are the basement and attic, where they spin giant webs in almost every corner. According to legends, you can tell that hard winter is coming if you see large numbers of spiders entering your home and spinning webs that are larger than usual. The thing is, having spiders inside your home is not a pleasant thing to see, especially for those who have a fear of these creatures. Hence, you must keep these arachnids away from your household and clean those places where they usually lurk during colder months.

Get Rid of Winter Pests Now

Spiders, rodents, and cockroaches do not have winter breaks. However, they are likely to invade your household more during the winter, for your home is the perfect spot to find what they need to survive—food, warmth, and a place to live. Winter is the best time to check for possible infestation of these annoying pests. Get your homes checked with the help of our pest control professionals.

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