Pest-Proof Your House This Fall

Fall—this only means that winter is coming. In a blink, the holiday season is just around the corner. We feel it in our bones as each night is getting longer and colder. We also tend to be inside more often this season to stay warm. 

However, autumn is also the season when pests will start looking for a warmer place to overwinter. Guess what? Our homes are typically the coziest places on earth when winter comes. That’s why pest-proofing your house will only help you avoid suffering through an infestation during winter. 

Why Pest-Proof my House? 

Pest-proofing your house will allow you to enjoy the holiday season comfortably. In your home, with your family and closest friends. Pest free. It’s the winter season. There shouldn’t be any pest roaming around until spring comes, right? Nope. Bugs are also known to take shelter in houses and buildings to survive the winter. They are more commonly called overwintering pests. The most common are:

  1. Cluster Flies: are identified by their dull grayish brown color with yellow hairs on the thorax. They move slowly and frequent indoor windows in the winter.
  2. Boxelder bugs: an adult boxelder bug is approximately 1/2-inch long, has black with orange or red markings, including three stripes on the area right behind the head.
  3. Stink bugs: identified by their mottled grayish-brown triangular or shield shape bodies. Approximately 3/4″ long, and they have 6 legs.
  4. Asian Ladybug: or just ladybugs are the easiest to identify. They have red, orange, yellow, brown, or shiny black in color. Usually with various markings, including dark spots. Approximately 1/31 – 3/8″ long.
  5. Mice: can pose a significant threat to households because they are disease carriers.

These pests will start swarming your house during fall to find even just small openings. When they find one, you get yourself an invasion, and it’s better to be prepared than being caught with your pants down.

How Can I Pest-Proof my House?

There are a lot of things that we can do to prepare our home for winter. They are simple and effective ways of keeping the pests away from your house.

  1. Clean thoroughly: make sure that everything is cleaned well. Pest will usually show up when your surrounding is not thoroughly cleaned. Do a thorough general cleaning regularly. This will help you with preventing pests from getting attracted to your home. 
  2. Seal any holes or entry holes: Pests are outsiders. They can gain entry to your home with even just a small crack in your wall. Once they find this weakness, you get yourself some unwanted borders. Making sure that everything is sealed up can make a big difference from having an enjoyable and relaxing holiday season to a holiday nightmare. 
  3. Look for leaks: Water is, as they say, the source of life. That’s why another way of making sure that you won’t attract overwintering pests is to check for leaks. Without access to water, the bugs will find it hard to thrive inside the warm walls of your home. 
  4. Inspect everything: pests can hide under everything, boxes, furniture, your basement, your garage. So make sure that everything has been double-checked.

These are all good advice to keep the house pest-free this fall and winter, but what if all else failed? What then? Don’t worry, my friend. You can also get an annual autumn pest control treatment from a licensed Pest Control Professional. So if you find yourself not having enough time to do the tips listed above, you can always call a Pest Control Professional to help you out. An annual treatment can save you time, money, and effort to keep overwintering pests away from your home. 


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