What Our Customers Say

Richard Vargo

I had a serious bed bug Issue in my three level home in Parlin NJ. I found out the only way to rid your home of these bed bugs is heat. I was fortunate to find Rest Easy Heat. Mike is professional and a gentleman. His workers Melvin and Pedro were the same-professional and gentlemen. Mike and his crew took great care to make sure my home was thoroughly treated in all areas with heat. I called Mike 40 days later to re-check the home. Mike sent a man over within 24 hours. Since the treatment we are absolutely bug free. Great Company——- Great People—-although bed bugs are very troubling Mike and his outstanding crew made the elimination experience a positive experience.

I am writing to say a thank you to Mike and his guys from resteasyheat. I had bunk beds delivered that unfortunately were infested with bed bugs. I did not know the beds were infested for three months after they were delivered. I had a company come out and do chemical treatment for almost nine months (about every six weeks) and it was like these things were multiplying. The first ten days after they were there, nothing, then one by one they would appear. Well, I was recommended to resteasyheat and they came out and “lit my house up”. The thermal heat treatment was unbelievable. I went from not being able to “rest easy” in my home to actually being able to sleep through the night. I wish I would have done the thermal heat sooner. I would strongly recommend if you are having an issue with bed bugs to do yourself a favor and call Mike at resteasyheat immediately. Do not waste time or money with any other company. Heat is the only way to go.



Teanack NJ

I needed an immediate response when I was bitten by what we determined were bed bugs while I was in someone else’s home on an assignment. This happened on a Thursday and I noticed the bites late in the afternoon. I reached out to Rest Easy around 6:00 PM and they assured me that I would be treated the following morning. The partners themselves arrived at my home at 8:00 AM as promised. They carefully walked us through the proceedure, disconnected all of the electronics in my home, spoke with the alarm company in order to temporarily disconnect that as well and told us we could return at 4:30 PM. My home was hotter than a beach on a scorching summer day when I returned. And yes there is a bit of a mess due to the heating and tumbling of all folded items in any and all drawers and closets. However, my home was sterilized and nothing survived. A huge sense of relief washed over all of us and we slowly folded clothing and remade beds. David and Mike are polite, professional, calming and deliver exactly as the say they will. Their service comes with a 45 day warranty and I am happy to say that we did not need to use it. It you have any kind of infestation that responds to death by heat, there is no one better to call than Rest Easy.

Rest Easy Heat treatment cured the infestation problem in our home quickly and expertly. We were not required to remove clothing, furniture, or any othert possessions in order for them to work. The end result was a complete success, and we can honestly recommend their services to anyone in need of help.

Naomi Bluth

Lynn Nelson

I have used this company and am very satisfied. Mike is a stand up guy and a man of his word. He does what he promises and the results are … no more bugs.If anyone is on the fence in regards to using this company, don’t hesitate. Jump right over and give them a try. You won’t be disappointed!!!!!!