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When it comes to getting inside of your home, termites are very skilled. The professionals at Rest Easy Heat are experts in preventing termites from becoming an problem. The following steps will help you protect your home.

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Drilling & Treating for Termites

A very important step in termite extermination is drilling. The spacing between the drilled holes is crucial, as holes drilled too far apart may cause the chemical application unsuitable to elimiante termites.

Prior to applying the chemical application, make sure to sweep the holes.

Trenching & Treating for Termites

Dirt areas around your home can be trenched in order to apply chemical barriers.

After digging the trench, a rod treatment is used on the exposed ground.

Make sure to access behind all trees and shrubs during the trenching process.

After applying the proper chemical treatment, use untreated soil to cover the area and seal the barrier betwwen the infestation and your home.

We'll Eliminate Your Termites

We follow the Integrated Pest Management methodology to assure you that we provide highly effective services. Please contact us for more information.

Reduce The Risk of Termite Infestation

Make sure that all bushes and shrubs are trimmed. Keep the foundation of the home free from contact with mulch.

Store firewood away from your home. If it is stored during the winter, make sure it is raised off the ground.

Keep the perimeter of your home clean from any type of loose wood.

Termites need moisture to survive, eliminate drainage problems on your property that lead to standing water.

Keep gutters clean of debris. Termites are attracted to these types of obstructions.

Make sure all cracks are sealed in the foundation of your home.