Different Reactions to Bed Bug Bites

There are many different ways that bed bugs can affect people, but the most important may be different types of skin reactions and allergic reactions. True allergic reactions are uncommon from bed bug bites, and anaphylactic shock is highly unlikely; however, in some cases people have claimed that severe bite reactions are allergic. More common can be red itchy bumps, and even blood blisters.  I will explain this more in the following article.

In all reality, the most common response to a bed bug bite is no response at all, with a nearly invisible bite hole in the bite location.  Studies have shown that anywhere from thirty to sixty percent of people bitten by bed bugs have little to no reaction to the bite.  Common skin reactions for which people may seek medical help are small itchy red spots at bed bug bite area, one per insect. These are usually itchy, and if they are not scratched usually clear up in roughly a week. The size and level of itch may be higher in some individuals who experience repeated bites. It has been stated by many people that bed bug bites can be extremely itchy.

Reactions to the Skin
Some people may develop complex skin reactions. People have reported hives around the bite area, in most cases arising in the morning. Rashes or blisters may occur days after a bite has occured. Sometimes these can develop into hard bumps that may become infected if scratched and persist for weeks.  Infections caused from scratching bed bug bites can be serious and require medical attention.

The timing of reactions to bed bug bites may change if someone is bitten on multiple occasions. People become more sensitized to the bites each time.

Systemic Allergic Reactions.
There have been reports of systemic allergic reactions from bed bug bites including asthma, hives and anaphylaxis. SomeResearchers have suggested that hives from bed bug bites are not that unusual. There was a report of a man staying in a hotel.  We woke up during the night with hives and itching on his neck and arms; The room was full of bed bugs. He appeared to develop some sort of anaphylactic shock, and was hospitalized for an apparent heart attack.

It should be noted that only doctors should give medical advise. Treatments of these situations are usually just symptomatic, aimed towards reducing inflammation and itching. Typically most doctors recommend that bed bug bite locations be washed with soap and water to help prevent any further infection.   If you have any of these conditions, please consult a doctor.

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