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Rest Easy Heat, Bed Bug Specialists, LLC Minimal Preparation Checklist For a successful bed bug heat treatment our service technicians need your full cooperation. If you are unable or do not wish to perform the list below, ask us for a quote for the No-Prep method. We can prepare your home for you!


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  • ºHumans and all pets including birds, fish, reptiles, etc. will have to leave for the entire day.
  • ºOnly take items with you that are absolutely necessary. (Wallet, keys, cell-phone.) Purses, backpacks, briefcases and other items should be left in the unit if possible to prevent re-infestation. Vinyl blind from windows and lay flat on the ground in front of or near window. BOX
  • ºAll of the following items must be placed in containers/boxes and left by the door for inspection by the technician:
  • ºCompressed gases, flammable or combustible chemicals (gasoline, propane, butane, cigarette lighters, light fuel)
  • ºAerosols and pressurized cans (hairspray, spray-on deodorants, bug sprays, spray paints, asthma inhalers and aerosol cleaning products) liquid soap, colognes and perfumes, cosmetics,creams and lotions
  • ºAmmunition/black powder, butane lighters, lamp oil, fuel for food warmers, solvents,fireworks, etc. ºCandles, wax figurines, musical instruments, indoor plants, valuables or any items you feel may be affected by extreme temperatures.
  • ºVinyl Records and other vinyl items.



  • ºClear a path about the width of a door throughout the unit to allow the technician to move the equipment from room to room.
  • ºRemove all unsecured items such as picture frames, artwork, wall clocks and decorative items from the walls and place on the floor in the same room as they were hanging.
  • ºClothes and personal items may be left in drawers or chests, but empty out contents of densely packed areas in to open-weave laundry baskets
  • ºLoose papers, newspapers and magazines should be collected and contained to prevent being blown out of place by the high-powered fans



  • ºFruit, vegetables and chocolate/other foods unlikely to withstand the temperature change and medications
  • ºCarbonated beverages or drinks kept under pressure (Plastic soda bottles, wine bottles, canned soda/beer)



  • ºUnplug all electronics including televisions, radios, clocks, etc, with the exception of the refrigerator
  • ºPlease turn off heating and air conditioning systems ºFor any waterbeds or air beds, drain or deflate bladders
  • ºOrthopedic devices such as wheelchairs, prosthetic appendages, canes, etc. must remain in the residence
  • ºDeactivate or remove smoke/heat/fire detectors and alarms in service area. Contact alarm company or fire department if needed.
  • ºUnlock and make accessible all storage chests, luggage and cabinets.
  • ºFailure to do so may result in the default of your warranty
  • ºA cancellation fee may be assessed for failing to comply with this checklist.
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