Anywhere you are around the world, there will always be pests around you, no matter how beautiful your place may be. These bothersome pests bring headaches to all homeowners because they are naturally hard to eliminate since they reproduce in a short period of time and they can survive even without proper food. 

Meanwhile, most pests also thrive in household furniture which sometimes causes much more damage than one can realize for it also affects your health. Even when traveling you can also encounter different types of pests which is why it is essential to know basic solutions to such minor problems like how to avoid or prevent them from coming with you. 

If you’re a new homeowner that resides in new jersey that is currently seeking help on how to eliminate pests then seat back and browse till the end. Here is the list of the common pests in New Jersey and how to deal with them. Remember that the most effective thing to do to save yourself from getting headaches due to pest infestation is to prevent them from coming inside your homes. Prevention is always the best solution!

Bed bugs

A blood-sucking insect is considered to be one of the most difficult to exterminate because they often come to your home undetected. Make sure that your linens are changed regularly since they occupy under them most of the time, for they feed on blood while humans are sleeping. When washing linens, you also want to dry them at the highest temperature possible to eradicate possible eggs that may stick to them. Also, it is essential always to include the inner part of your mattress when you vacuum your bed to eliminate bed bugs. 

But when bed bug infestation gets out of hand, the best solution is to call for professional help since they are experts in eliminating these bothersome pests.


These pests are more common during summertime in New Jersey since they survive better in hot weather than in the cold. In cold weather, only the queen is left. She finds a place to stay and waits to reproduce when summertime returns. They are considered dangerous because they are stinging insects, more dangerous than bees. You can find their home in your attic; they protect it by stinging possible threats. Their sting can cause an allergic reaction that may cause a severe health problem. 

The safest way to eradicate them is to do it at night since they are less active in the dark. Make sure to wear protective clothing, to do it correctly and as quickly as possible. Grab the entire hive with your plastic covered, hand seal the bag, and dispose of it properly. But if you are intimidated and afraid to do it yourself, it is better to ask for professional help by calling a pest control company to ensure safety.

Carpenter Ants

One of the wood-destroying insects. They are called carpenter ants because they chew furniture to build their home, but they don’t eat wood as termites do. They infest on wet woods rather than dry, so it is important to make sure that your furniture is not wet nor molded to prevent attracting these ants. Seal all possible entry points and fix water-damaged wood immediately.

Insecticides can offer help, especially in times when you need to get rid of them quickly. It is good to have insecticide ready. Though there are a lot of ways to exterminate them, still prevention is the best management you could ever execute.

Indianmeal Moth

Also called a pantry moths since these pests feed on stored food products. They are considered hazardous since they can contaminate your food once they come in contact with it. There are a lot of ways to properly manage this kind of infestation and that includes the following:

  • Sanitation – good sanitation is an essential way of keeping these moths from entering your pantry. Maintain a clean moth-free pantry.
  • Seal foods properly – you can consider investing in air-tight glass food containers, aside from it being pleasing to the eyes since they make your pantry look more organized because of the reduced clutter, these moths cannot get their way inside a glass material. 
  • Chemical Control – if prevention still did not work, insecticides come in handy, these are a great help in dealing with these pests quickly


The most common rodent found indoors is mice and rats. A lot of people are confused about the difference between the two, most think that mice are young rats but no they are two different rodents. But both are destructive when left unattended since they carry bacteria and diseases to humans. Including namely leptospirosis, hantavirus, salmonellosis, and many more. Make efforts to keep your home free from rodents, health must be your number one priority.

The most important way to keep these rodents out of your home is not to let them in. Seal all possible entry points and dispose of your garbage correctly, don’t invite them for dinner! Use traps or other repellants, but the best way to save you from headaches by eliminating them is to call a pest control company for help.


This is the most common pest around the world. There will always be a cockroach anywhere you reside. Trash, garbage, dirt – these are what attract cockroaches the most. They seek food, water, and shelter, so homes are their perfect target. Maintaining cleanliness should always be practiced to prevent pest infestation. There are many ways to get rid of them. You can use chemicals like pesticide sprays and a DIY solution of borax acid for natural elimination, and you can also lure your roach to a specific area and place traps to catch them. But still, the best possible solution that has guaranteed positive effects in exterminating pest infestation is a pest control expert. Hire one today!

Your home must be your safe space. Invest in a pest control company to ensure your home is free from pest infestation throughout the year. Do not hesitate to call for help when things get out of hand. There are a lot of people out there that is more than willing to help you with your worries. A pest-free home is a happy home!

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