Bed Bugs problems continue to increase in the US

Bed Bugs problems continue to increase in the US.  According to Fox News, Washington D.C. and Baltimore rank first and second in the United States.  As recent as 20 years ago, bed bugs were basically non existent in the US.  Large efforts to remove these pests had forced many of them out, but prior to the year 2000, they came back stronger than ever and have been a huge problem ever since.

Most people may think that bed bugs will only infest highly populated areas, third world nations, major cities, etc.  However, bed bugs are commonly found in rural areas.

A Heat treatment is much more effective than freezing of bed bugs.  The freezing method is imprecise and can commonly leave bed bugs and their eggs intact, causing areas to be re-infested in a short period of time. Treatments using heat have been proven to be more effective.

There are many types of known bed bugs , as well as other insects that act similar bed bugs. Recently, Florida reported a tropical bed bug case, a species unseen in the United States for over 50  years. While the case seemed isolated, there is concern that this species could spread throughout the warmer climates.

Bed bugs are able to survive for a long time before feeding. This means that someone may believe that the bugs have been removed only to find bed bugs bites later down the road.  Sometimes months can go by before a bed bug needs to feed again.

Bed bugs are  good at hiding and will spend the hours during daylight inside creases and seams of a furniture or mattresses . This makes it hard to discover them in many cases. Often, the first signs of bed bugs are finding bites on a persons body.

A sign of bed bugs is a bunch of tiny red bite marks upon waking. Some people have intense allergic reactions to the bites, causing hives or large welts, which is a reaction to the bed bug saliva.

If any signs of bed bugs are found on a bed mattress or piece of furniture or any mysterious bite marks are found on the body, please call Rest Easy Heat today to handle this issue once and for all.

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